CNC Gun Drilling Machine

Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Single/double/four spindle gun drilling machine

Hole drilling range: 1mm-40mm

Hole drilling depth: up to 4000mm

Automatic loading and uploading system are available

Application:Medical instrument, Automobile, aerospace, mould and die, hydraulic equipment, military, etc

Three Axis Gun drilling machine

Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

CNC control: X, Y,Z axis are CNC controlled

Solid Drilling:3mm-100mm( BTA and gun drilling combined system)

Hole drilling depth:up to 3000mm

Machine working system: Gun drilling and BTA drilling indexable working table is optional

Application: It has the function of drilling straight hole, inclined hole, blind hole and step hole.

Widely used in automobile, motorcycle industry, mould industry, military industry, aerospace industry, hydraulic valve body, gear shaft and other parts of small deep hole processing.

BTA Deep Hole Boring and Drilling Machine

Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Solid drilling: 20mm-150mm

Counter boring/burnishing: 20mm-800mm

Hole trepanning:50mm-800mm

This machine is a special machine for machining cylindrical deep hole parts, which is suitable for drilling and boring cylindrical deep hole parts. During drilling, BTA mode is adopted, that is, the oil feeder supplies oil, and the cutting is discharged from the inside of the drill pipe to the chip removal bucket at the back of the bed through the cutting area. When boring, the oil is fed at the end of the boring bar, and the chip is discharged to the chip removal bucket at the head of the machine through the cutting area.

Gun drills and BTA drills

Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

indexable gun drills: 11.5mm-50mm

brazed gun drills:3mm – 45mm

solid carbide gun drills:1mm to 12mm

BTA drills:17mm-160mm



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Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded in 2017, based in Dezhou, Shandong, China. It is a sister company of Dezhou Drillstar Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. (  Deshen is a professional company engaged in the sales, manufacturing and technical services of deep hole drilling machines, deep hole drilling  tools and accessories, as well as high-precision processing service.

Headquartered in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, the service area covers China and Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and other regions. Products are widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, wind power, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, locomotive shipbuilding, mold industry, coal and oil industry, military and so on. The company takes the customer demand as the goal and “honest service, scientific and technological innovation” as the enterprise tenet; first class technology, first-class product quality and first-class service are the eternal commitment and pursuit of Deshen.




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